Best Friend 4ever

Do u know the mean of best Friends??
Best friends are people who love u, they help u when u have problem and always make u laugh/ happy together. Always care and make u cheers, never leave u alone.
I have had best friends when I was high school until now.
They'r Melissa, Olymphia, Rere, Me and Fera

We always laughed and and cared each other.But now we stay separate coz we'r studying in different places, even we stay far away we still contact each other and our love still intact even now we have new friends.
This is our picture when we were in Surabay zoo, we looked so cute hheehhe

this is picture when had contest of parfume, but we didn't win coz a lot of participants and they'r more cool than us loool

I love them, no one friends who I have been had really care, funny and sincere love me as them.
Oh ya, this is our collections which we have when we'r high school and group our name is M_Punk the mean is " Manusia Palink Unik N' Keren" hheehhehhee


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