Indonesia Vs Malaysia

27/04/2011 I went to KBRI ( Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia) in Malaysia coz I had seminar about "Peluang Peningkatan Kerjasama Indonesia-Malaysia" , but I won't to talk about it so far.
I will tell the important thing for all the people of Indonesian and Malaysian. From sources, they told me exactly Ind and Malay have similar income for doing business. When Malay's business goes up Indo goes up too. Same when one goes down the another one also goes down.

Sometimes when Indonesia increase Malaysia decrease and otherwise. From this statement that's why they make this seminar to make all the bussinessman/women in Indonesia and Malaysia become one and together to work mutually beneficial.

But in fact now both of these countries often fight about everything. In my mind I am thinking this is coz we all easy to follow carnality and did not think twice. Actually the people too concentrated with the media which has report exaggerated. Sometimes that report isn't consistent with the fact. So, from this I conclude we'r community don't too fast believe with the media, before we see the reality. We must shy with other countries, coz we'r people who educated. We should keep the image, don't fight coz that effect for our economy decrese. Let show the world Ind and Malay more better than another and can work together. Remember we'r from malay archipelago and have similar of custom and manner.


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