cute babies

I have new housemates and one of them have babies
The first baby around 1.5 year and the other is around 2 months
these are their photos

what are u looking for?

'Am I cute?'

'do you know this?'

'Hello, my name is Tasya.'

'wooow this picture is awesome'

just wake up

my name is Nadia

'I can smile'

they always make me smile and laugh

Kerispatih - Tertatih

aku berjalan di dalam kesendirian
aku mencoba tak mengingatmu dan mengenangmu
aku tlah hancur lebih dari berkeping-keping
karna cintaku karna rasaku
yang tulus padamu

begitu dalamnya aku terjatuh
dalam kesalahan rasa ini

jujur aku tak sanggup, aku tak bisa
aku tak mampu dan aku tertatih
semua yang pernah kita lewati
tak mungkin dapat ku dustai
meskipun harus tertatih

begitu dalamnya aku terjatuh
dalam kesalahan rasa ini

repeat reff

aku tak sanggup, aku tak bisa
aku tak mampu dan aku tertatih
semua yang pernah kita lewati
tak mungkin dapat ku dustai
meskipun harus tertatih

I-city Shah Alam

I went to I-city in Shah-Alam with my Indonesian friends, they'r Bu Imas, Kak Teguh and kak Ifa. The location is a little bit near from my place.
Exactly I didn't have plan to go there, suddenly they asked me to join it and accept it.
When I were there, I felt so happy
Really nice place to taking pic and we took a lot of pic (narsis poool)
Btw, I proud with the people who build and design I-city hehheheh
we though, they spent a lot of electricty, I believe that lool

This's my first photo which took in inside.Actually I would be cinderella, but I couldn't sit there

2 swans love each other

peace,. we'r taking picture

so scare with both of u loool

Model 2012

Taking a star from I-city not from the sky

took pic with peacock

cute foto with bear

hidden in under trees

I love that pink colour

Finally have someone took our pic together

choose the small one

We took almost 250 photos hhehhee

Best Friend 4ever

Do u know the mean of best Friends??
Best friends are people who love u, they help u when u have problem and always make u laugh/ happy together. Always care and make u cheers, never leave u alone.
I have had best friends when I was high school until now.
They'r Melissa, Olymphia, Rere, Me and Fera

We always laughed and and cared each other.But now we stay separate coz we'r studying in different places, even we stay far away we still contact each other and our love still intact even now we have new friends.
This is our picture when we were in Surabay zoo, we looked so cute hheehhe

this is picture when had contest of parfume, but we didn't win coz a lot of participants and they'r more cool than us loool

I love them, no one friends who I have been had really care, funny and sincere love me as them.
Oh ya, this is our collections which we have when we'r high school and group our name is M_Punk the mean is " Manusia Palink Unik N' Keren" hheehhehhee

Indonesia Vs Malaysia

27/04/2011 I went to KBRI ( Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia) in Malaysia coz I had seminar about "Peluang Peningkatan Kerjasama Indonesia-Malaysia" , but I won't to talk about it so far.
I will tell the important thing for all the people of Indonesian and Malaysian. From sources, they told me exactly Ind and Malay have similar income for doing business. When Malay's business goes up Indo goes up too. Same when one goes down the another one also goes down.

Sometimes when Indonesia increase Malaysia decrease and otherwise. From this statement that's why they make this seminar to make all the bussinessman/women in Indonesia and Malaysia become one and together to work mutually beneficial.

But in fact now both of these countries often fight about everything. In my mind I am thinking this is coz we all easy to follow carnality and did not think twice. Actually the people too concentrated with the media which has report exaggerated. Sometimes that report isn't consistent with the fact. So, from this I conclude we'r community don't too fast believe with the media, before we see the reality. We must shy with other countries, coz we'r people who educated. We should keep the image, don't fight coz that effect for our economy decrese. Let show the world Ind and Malay more better than another and can work together. Remember we'r from malay archipelago and have similar of custom and manner.

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