Today I was thinking about "English Language" it's sooo important in my life, coz u know english is the first language for communication with my friends over here the International students if I can't speak English they will thinking have an alien come to Malaysia hehhhehe and no one won't talk with me also with some Malaysian sometime I can speak Malaysia as well, but I still miss some of the words which I don't know so I mix a little bit with english. If I am not doing this maybe my friends don't know what I am talking about and the last communication with him so coincidence we'r couple from different country so we'r using english for the communication. If I am not improve my english maybe we already broke up of the first. Alhamdulillah until now we still understand each other hehhehe

Ok guys I will give u tips for learn or improve English language :

1. Listen to the English musics, for learn is better listen the pop music. Try to update know the new songs of english then practice to sing them. Note the lyric first with listen it then practice sing if u want also record it coz u will know how the good u'r anyway I always do that coz my goal used to be a singer, but couldn't get it hohhoohoh( guys just imagine u'r a singer as Taylor swift, anyway don't imagine like eminem loool)

2. Watch English movies. watch the funny movies, but use the simple english like " Mind Your Language" u can search from youtube.

3. If u have time try to read novel, magazine and newspaper english. That's a good way to improve our english coz when u don't know some the words u will search about it then u can use that words for make article in blogger hhehee so u will remember it 4rever.

4. Search partner to practice speak English or get someone who wants to speak english. Speak English everyday just imagine without English u won't know each other.

5. Don't be shy to speak English even u have problem with pronunciation, grammar don't be care about them just try to make u'r partner understand what are u talking about.

That's all from my tips. I hope this is usefull for all of u
thank u


I went to National Museum with my aunties. Actually we didn't plan to go there. They prepared to have fun in shopping malls, gardens or places which interest, but that day was heavy rain and also I felt bored to go shopping malls. so.. I asked them to go there

These are my pictures

My face look like chinese girl, loool

This is my aunties's pictures, there are beautiful

Anyway, I didn't feel bored when I went there coz I learned a lot of things about history of Malaysia and u know friends in my subject I have to take nationality of Malaysia. Not vain to came there ;)

I Love cats

I really really love cats. when I walk and see cats on the road or public places. the first thing I do is touch them then I can't leave that place, hheheheh

This is my habit since before, but My parents always tell me after touch cats u have to wash u'r hands ( I am like a child ).

This is my favourite cat and he very obedient with me, but now he already die coz I left my country and no one care with him again.
His name is Si Mbot

There are cats which I meet in my Universty

I can't show all my cats coz I don't have their pictures.

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