How To be an attractive woman

Love u'r self

u can be pretty but still unattractive if u don't start to love u'r self. love u'r self the mean u'r confident.

Be healthy
woman who takes care of herself that means finding a happy medium for u'r weight, eating well, getting enough sleep and exercising. Plus makes u'r self to be more energetic.

Take care
wash u'r face regulary, and apply make up to accentuate u'r complexion. Also keep u'r hair healthy and styled.

Be hygienic
u always smell and look fresh and lovely. Ex take showers, brush u'r teeth after every meal, wear clean clothes.

Be nice
A nice person turns into a prettier person the eyes of everyone who sees her. Try to be nice to everyone, but know how to defend u'r self against any rude attitudes.

Be distinctly you
Be u'r self. improve about u'r personality or make u'r self more interesting and fun to talk.

when u meet friends try to smile, but that mean u'r not smile all the time. Make a natural smile.

be willing to participate
join every events when u'r friends ask u. whether it's talking, eating, gaming dancing etc.


intresting lor mus.....:)

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thx u , hope it's usefull

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